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People of Hamilton promotes businesses, talent, events, and faces in this beautiful city! The blog was started in 2015 to meet cool people and promote Hamilton culture and business along the way. Since then, we have won a 2016 Maggie Award for Best Media Outlet, discovered some amazing food, music, and shops, and have accomplished the goal of highlighting some of Hamilton’s interesting individuals. People of Hamilton is about finding the secrets in a city that has long been overlooked. We want to change this, one person at a time.

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Want to contribute to People of Hamilton? Have an event you want covered? Notice someone doing good in your community? We’d love to hear from you!

We can be reached at info (at) peopleofhamilton (dot) com.


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We are looking for writers and photographers to cover music, culture, food and fashion.

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We except advertisements and sponsored posts if they fit the brand. Contact us for info and placement details.


Amanda Stancati, Founder/Editor: Amanda gets excited about the simplest things: a specially made coffee, artistic details in doors, graffiti walls, and hidden alleyways, a beautiful autumn day, or a kind encounter with a stranger. She started People of Hamilton after moving back to the city from Toronto as a way to explore the gems of her hometown. She is in love with food, fashion, and travel.

Justin Harney, Writer, SEO Consultant: Justin has worked as a contributor for indie blogs across the GTA. He has covered Canadian Music Week, NXNE, and various shows across Toronto. After he realized Toronto wasn’t all that, he packed his bags and focused his efforts back to the people of Hamilton. After travel writing and SEO gigs for various clients, Justin founded his content marketing business, Lion Eater.

Paige Petrovsky, Writer: Paige is a Mohawk College journalism student with a strong passion for pop culture, music, fashion, and literature. Studying at Mohawk as opened her eyes to all of the incredible events Hamilton has to offer. She is determined to remain involved and focused on covering these events to show others what the city and its people can do. Paige joined the People of Hamilton team in 2016.

Caeli Rodgers, Writer: Caeli is a third year Honours English and Cultural studies student from McMaster University. She has a strong passion for writing and a love for Hamilton and all the beauty it has to offer. She loves being able to discover all that makes Hamilton unique and special, and ensuring that others hear about it as well.

Guest Writers:

Iris Sinilong
Liz Enriquez
Michael Marini

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