Where to go: Art Crawl

Where to go: Art Crawl

Last month, the rain held off just long enough for people to enjoy another Art Crawl, the second Friday of the month on James Street North. Stores stay open later than usual, local artists showcase their work, music flows all throughout the street, and of course, there is tons of food to try. Art Crawl is definitely a must-go event in Hamilton. It allows different types of artists to showcase their work, and also provides an opportunity to show the people of Hamilton some of the talent that is in the city. Art Crawl is a great place to meet tons of friendly, new people. The streets are constantly flowing and a smile appears of everyone’s faces. At a time where technology seems to rule, Art Crawl makes for a great night to interact with others, make friends, and see what people of Hamilton are like. Plus, it’s a great first date idea.

Art Crawl Musts

Mulberry Coffeehouse (the food is amazing, all the workers are happy to serve and very friendly)

The first stop of the night was Mulberry Coffeehouse for a snack. After looking over the mouthwatering menu I managed to decide on a turkey panini, peach green iced tea, and topped it all off with a chocolate glazed donut. Needless to say, this meal left my taste buds very happy and itching for more. Moving down the street Art Crawl were tents with fortune telling, different types of teas, clothes, and local artists.

The Green Smoothie Bar (the perfect way to refuel yourself with energy to continue to enjoy Art Crawl)

The last stop of the night was the Green Smoothie Bar. We originally stopped in to sit down for a few minutes to rest our feet, however the diverse menu kept us inside. The Green Smoothie Bar sells health conscious foods such as smoothies, cold salads, and a selection of vegan treats. After looking over the menu thoroughly a strawberries and cream smoothie was purchased. It was not too sweet, and the perfect blend of strawberries and cream, a perfect way to end Art Crawl and satisfy the need for something cold after walking around all evening.

Mixed Media (every artist’s dream store)

Mixed Media is an art supply store that was flowing with people all throughout the night. When you walk into the store, sketchbooks, markers, pencil crayons, canvases, and so much more will be in sight. It is a smaller store, but has so much to offer and after spending a decent amount of time inside (which resulted in the purchase of several oil pastels) we moved onto the next stop of the night.

Wild Heather Tea Company (there are tons of teas to pick from, and even if you cant make it out they have an online shop)

Covered by tents just in front of the church, a table with enough teas to satisfy every tea lover’s needs was set up. Loose leave teas can be purchased in 50 or 100-gram bags, however in addition to teas they also can make custom tea baskets and wedding favours. Art Crawl and the online website are not the only place to purchase Wild Heather Tea products, they can also be purchased at The Painted Bench in Hamilton. By the end of our stop we learned that peach green tea is amazing when it’s iced.

Christ’s Church Cathedral (the perfect place to take a breather)

While walking through and observing all the beauty the church has to offer only one word comes to mind – detail (and a lot of it). There is so much to look at starting from the outside that with every step you take towards the inside of the church, it can only start to prepare you for the interior. Take your time when walking through, and as suggested by one of the workers, don’t be afraid to get close to the walls and the pictures – it’s hard to see the detail and the beauty from further back.

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Hotti Biscotti (the smell will pull you in before the catchy exterior and signs do)

You can smell Hotti Biscotti before you can see it, and the heavenly smells of gourmet chocolate dipped biscotti instantly pull you inside. Despite the name, the store is not just limited to selling biscotti: it also has cookie pies, ice cream sandwiches, and peanut butter pops to name a few.

Other Popular Spots

    • The Hamilton Store
    • Art Forms
    • Centre 3
    • Havn
    • Baltimore House
    • This Ain’t Hollywood
    • Design Annex
    • Needlework
    • Dr. Disc
    • The Brain Bar
    • Julia Veenstra Studio

What are your go-to Art Crawl spots?

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