Toronto “Condo King” Brad Lamb takes on Hamilton

Toronto “Condo King” Brad Lamb takes on Hamilton

Brad Lamb is the CEO of Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc (est. 1995) and Lamb Development Corp. (est. 2001). Lamb has been involved in the sale of over 28,000 properties while his development company has completed 19 developments. His $360-million dollar Hamilton project, Television City, is in the spotlight. Here’s the low-down:

Television City, 163 Jackson Street West

Television City is the largest plan proposed in Hamilton to date, and one of four proposed projects from Lamb Development Corp. in Hamilton. In partnership with Aaron Collina from Movengo Developments, Television City will be a residential and retail space, designed by Peter Clewes of architectsAlliance with interiors by Kelly Cray of Union 31. The building will occupy the space at 163 Jackson Street West, where the 1850s heritage building that housed CHCH for six decades is located. The old mansion will be preserved and decorated with nods to its media past.

  • $360-million dollar project
  • Approx. 616 units, starting at approx. $220,000 (35% lower than comparable Toronto condos)
  • Available in studio, one bedroom, one plus den, two bedrooms, two plus den, three bedrooms, and penthouses (with floor plans named after TV stars)
  • 44,000 square feet of land with two connected high-rise towers
  • Public condo sales open in September
  • Occupancy is scheduled for August 2021

Condos will feature European-style modern kitchen cabinetry, double thick stone kitchen and vanity counters, 9-foot ceilings or higher, exposed concerete features, spa quality bathroom finishes, gas cooking and gas BBQ nozzles on all balconies. Shared amenities will include an outdoor infinity pool, fitness center, skyclub, co-op tech center workspace, children’s play centre, private dog walk, and pet-washing station.

Q&A with Brad Lamb

Toronto’s top condominium broker is known for his stylish, urban projects, sometimes controversial outlook, and recently, for having to clarify quotes about Hamilton, he says, were taken out of context.

We asked Lamb for his thoughts about Hamilton. We didn’t get all the answers but we got some insight…

When did you decide it was time to start developing in Hamilton? 

I’ve had my eye on Hamilton for a long time; it’s a city rich with culture and lots of room for growth. For years I’ve been making annual overnight visits to the city to take in the culture, food, nature and development. It was about two years ago that I really started to take interest in developing here.

What’s so special about Television City?

First and foremost it’s going to make a beautiful architectural statement. It will offer residents the chance to enjoy the high-end amenities they’re looking for in a condo, and offer a sense of community for those living there. We’re going to make it a highly collaborative environment, with something for everyone.

How fast do you see it being sold?

We have over 1000 registrants right now and expect 3000, so we anticipate this building will sell very well. I guess we will see.

What’s next in terms of Hamilton development?

I’m excited about Hamilton’s potential and have a few things in mind for the future. We have two projects currently in development; the first being Television City, followed by Main, located on Main St.

You have done business in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary…how is Hamilton different? 

I think many cities have a moment every 30 years or so. It’s Hamilton’s moment now. Hamilton is full of creative, kind and hardworking people; I’m always reminded of this when I visit the area. The spotlight is on Hamilton. Let’s see what can happen here over the next 10 years.

When was the first time you came to Hamilton? 

In the mid-eighties, when I worked as an engineer, I was assigned to the area and was extremely interested in its potential. Over the years, it has only grown and been revitalized in more ways than one, progressing from its past as a steel town to a city rich in culture and community, with a lesser focus on heavy industry.

You are known for speaking your mind — what have been some of the issues you’re getting heat for in Hamilton? Is this typical?

I guess I am known for speaking my mind aren’t I? The way I see it is people can beat around the bush or just be straightforward, and I prefer straightforward. But I really want to stress all the good this development will bring to the city. The city is in the early stages of a boom in new development. The truth is that an increase in the new inventory of homes is badly needed. Television City offers opportunity for those looking to move to Hamilton and Hamilton residents looking to live in a condo community.

Who will your Hamilton condos appeal to most?

We’re designing Television City with the goal of appealing to a broad range of people; from single people living in bachelor units to a growing family living in the three-bedroom penthouse. I see the Television City resident being a forward thinker, desiring an elevated style of living.

Where do first time homebuyers fit into this real estate landscape? Any advice?

I believe real estate prices in Southwestern Ontario will continue to rise, perhaps interrupted by the odd recession. If you can afford to buy, then buy a home now. Timing a market is impossible.

We know Torontonians are attracted to the affordable real estate, but how do you think the Toronto mindset will fit in here as people adapt the city as their home versus a “commuter city”? 

I think Torontonians are some of the most adaptable people I’ve met. Hamilton has new job opportunities in various industries all over the city. People may choose to commute initially or in time lead very fulfilling lives here. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice.

Where do native Hamiltonians fit into all this?

Development in the Hamilton’s downtown area and the waterfront is what is reviving the city.

Television City will give native Hamiltonians beautiful architecture and all the high-end amenities they’re looking for in a condo at an affordable price. What Hamilton wants and deserves is excellence in architecture and design. Let’s start with that.

What is the future for Hamilton’s condo market — and housing market in general?

Hamilton is no longer a well-kept secret – everybody is talking about it. It is steadily attracting a lot of people to move here. This can only mean that Hamilton’s condo and housing market will see a lot of growth. I believe prices in the region will move significantly higher.

What did you think of the Hamilton Consulate concept?

I thought it was very progressive for a city to engage in that type of event.

Here at People of Hamilton, we don’t just talk business. We are familiar with parts of Brad Lamb the “Condo King,” but who is Brad Lamb the person? How do you spend your spare time?

My biggest focus is on my four-year-old daughter, Harlowe. When I am with her, that’s the only place I want to be, and the only thing I want to do. I travel for inspiration and read a fair amount. I blow off steam the same way any man does.

Are there any places in Hamilton you want to spend more time in, spots you want to explore?

I am always looking to learn more about Hamilton and am very open to recommendations.

Any Hamiltonians you have met while working here that have made a mark?

There are too many to mention. I must say I have been blown away by the amazing service I have received at the dozen restaurants I’ve visited lately.

Thank you for speaking with us.

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