Former CHCH Personalities React

Former CHCH Personalities React

After over 129 full-time employees were let go at CHCH on Friday, the people of Hamilton and surrounding cities are still looking to the reporters they know and love for the story.

Some former employees turned to Twitter to express their frustrations…

While others shared their positive thoughts and fond memories…

They expressed themselves on their blogs…

CHCH – My Work Family where Jaclyn Colville summarizes the last five years of her life:

I’m 27. I started working at CHCH when I was just 22 years old. I landed a job hosting the EARLIEST morning show IN CANADA when I was just 23.  Then… I got engaged, we bought our first place and at 24 I was married. When I turned 25 I was asked to host one of Canada’s most ICONIC Television Shows. Tiny Talent Time was on the air for 30 years and we were bringing it back! At 26 we bought our first house. At 27 I got to produce and host a Behind the Scenes Series for my favourite show Nashville! Does it get any cooler than that!? Yesterday, CHCH might have let me and so many of my friends and colleagues go but I’ll cherish these memories forever.

Matt Hayes says Hamilton is the best in his blog post, Thank You, Hamilton

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me into your home all these years. It has been a tremendous opportunity to meet so many of you and watch our amazing community grow…Thank you, Hamilton. You are the best!

While Mark Hebscher shares an honest and angry perspective in The Untimely End Of My T.V. Career 

CHCH-TV is still alive, but it’s real soul passed away last Friday afternoon.  The heartbeat of Hamilton and it’s surrounding communities was badly wounded.  It was a sneak attack.  It gutted the entire building.  I lost my job, along with dozens of others.  Some of my friends got to keep theirs.   And just two weeks before Christmas.

Some were even called upon by other news outlets to share their perspectives…

Matt Hayes on Global News

Donna Skelly on AM900 CHML

According to this Hamilton Spectator article, those let go include Lori D’Angelis, Matt Hayes, Donna Skelly, Ken Welch, Scot Urquhart, Lauran Sabourin, Liz West, Mark Hebscher, Jaclyn Colville, Natalie Marconi, Miranda Anthistle, and Elise Copps, among others. Remaining reporters include Kate Carnegie, Phil Perkins, Lisa Hepfner, Brittany Gogo, Jeyan Jeganathan and Sean Leathong.

The conversation isn’t over. We’ll be following the journey of these amazing people and wish them the best of luck.

5 thoughts on “Former CHCH Personalities React”

  • I can’t believe how all of these people were treated. My wife and I always watched CHCH news and I really liked sportsline and square off. All of the people were like family to us. I really hope there is something to be done to help them. What has happened should not be allowed in this country.

  • So terrible to see the corporate bullshit terrorising our city! There should be much more of an uproar locally. It’s total BS and sad for those who lived here and shared their talent for so long!

  • My husband and I don’t like chch anymore there is no news or weather on the weekend so. we have to watch Toronto news not right bring back the weekend news to chch

  • I was a fan of chch for ages i got so turned off with this TIM guy in the morning he is so unprofessional. He thinks everything is a joke but the joke is on him i turn the channel everytime i see him. CHCH can do so much better

  • Wow, all my favourites are gone! Will miss watching and hearing you, CHCH TV will not be the same without you all. Very Sad and Shocked to say the least. God Bless you all and let the road ahead be a wonderful one!
    Hamilton will miss you!!

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