A good Friday in Hamilton

A good Friday in Hamilton

This past Friday – Good Friday – there was an art crawl on James Street North. Despite there only being a few vendors, as it’s still early in the art crawl season and a holiday, it was still a great day to explore the street.

The day started as most usually do: with caffeine. I ventured to my personal favourite spot in the city – Mulberry. Many people had the same idea as I did and the place was packed with families, couples and college kids studying for exams but all enjoying the comforting sun we’ve all been waiting for while sipping their favourite drinks.

After finishing my hot chocolate, I strolled down the street to see what I could find. Stores were taking advantage of the warm weather and displaying their offerings like fresh vegetables and flowers outdoors. People were also flocking to James Street to enjoy the day.

The next stop was Hotti Biscotti, the sweet-smelling store with fresh local desserts. It’s a place I’ve walked past and gone into many times, purely drawn in by the smell (as many are). But this day was the perfect day: I decided to finally try something (I actually ended up buying four different desserts for only $10). After contemplating for a few minutes, I picked out a peanut butter pop, a cookie pie, a brownie, and fudge. If that doesn’t make your mouth water I don’t know what will (there would be a picture included but the yummy treats didn’t last very long after I left the store).

I decided to walk south down James and have lunch at The Ship on Augusta Street. I had heard so many good things about this restaurant so I had pretty high expectations for my first time at The Ship. They were met above and beyond. I ordered a vegan black bean and quinoa burger with a side of fries, I don’t think I’ve ever been more satisfied with a meal than I was at The Ship.

After this huge meal, though, I definitely needed to do some more walking. I wandered around and looked at the houses with their bright coloured doors, while appreciating the sunlight amplifying their colours, stumbled upon churches, and explored my city.

After what felt like a lot of much needed walking, I ended up at the Bayfront – my first visit of the warmer season. Here I walked along the docks taking an enormous number of pictures of the water, boats and the buildings surrounding me. Despite being by the water, where it should be cooler, the sun continued to glisten, creating a perfect way to end the warm day.

Although it may not have been a typical art crawl with all the vendors, it was still another successful day along James Street. Enjoying a nice warm day in April makes me very excited for the months to come when art crawl will be in its prime.

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