Hidden gems to visit this summer

Hidden gems to visit this summer

The weather is starting to get warmer and most university students are now on summer break and looking for something to do to fill their time. What most students don’t know, however, is that there are plenty of hidden gems around Hamilton that are just waiting for them during this sunny weather. Whether you’re interested in having an adventure, scoring some sweet treats, or finding a place to simply relax, People of Hamilton has a suggestion for you.

For the Adventurer

As most people already know, Hamilton is chalked-full of waterfalls, hiking trails and conservation areas to be checked out. For those who have already seen all of the most popular tourist destinations such as Dundas Peak, the many waterfalls, and the Bruce hiking trails, here are a few suggestions of places that most people don’t necessarily know about.

In Dundas, in the area below Dundas peak, there is a valley and forest with trails that aren’t nearly as overrun with people. There is a stream and several smaller waterfalls that run through the valley below Dundas Peak, as well as many large rock piles and outcroppings that can be fun to climb.

Another spot in the Hamilton area that should definitely be checked out is the ruins of Fisher’s (Gore) Mill. For those looking to adventure around an old abandoned building, this is the perfect spot. It also features the natural beautiful scenery that comes with most parts of Hamilton. This is also located under Dundas Peak, beside Dundas Falls.

For Relaxation

After having gone through the stress of exams, many students are ready to kick back and relax. Here are some prime spots to sit and peacefully enjoy the sights and sounds that Hamilton has to offer.

Located on Oak Knoll Drive is a bird sanctuary called Friends of the Aviary. Surrounding it is a small park that has several hiking trails branching off of it. The park itself has several flowering trees that are in full bloom during this time of year. This park is a great place to lay down a blanket and spend the afternoon having a picnic. Not only does it feature beautiful plant life, but if the birds are out in the outdoor area of the aviary, there will be several beautiful birds to look at and even talk to (one of the birds at the aviary is a parrot, so they might even talk back).

Another park that is perfect for spending a day basking in the sun and having some fun is the Dundas Driving Park. This park features bright and colourful gardens, a wading pool, a splash pad, a playground and a baseball diamond. It is the perfect spot to spend a summer day.

For the Sweet Tooth

Photo Credit: Panini and Ice Cream Facebook

One of the best parts of summer is having a sweet treat after a long day in the sun. Although it can be convenient to simply go to a fast-food chain and order ice cream there, there are some hidden gems around Hamilton that you should definitely try to check out at least once if you want a real treat.

Located on Main Street East is a tiny and unassuming shop called Panini and Ice Cream. The straightforward name clues you in to exactly what you’re going to get going into the store. The store sells simple but delicious paninis for lunch and dinner, but the real treat comes with dessert. The shop’s signature dish is something that they call the Half and Half, which is half milkshake, half sundae. Summer is not complete without trying one of these.

The other location that serves up sweet summer treats at great prices is located in downtown Hamilton. It is called A+J Sugar Bowl and is a great option for anyone who is looking for something more than just ice cream. This shop features an assortment of candy, ice cream, drinks, and even cotton candy.

The summer sun is shining now, and there are only a few months to seize every opportunity to have some fun before the work of school starts again. The best way to start the summer off right is to hit up these fun summer gems. Adventure, relaxation, and sweet treats are waiting.

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  • FYI the Hewitt’s ice cream at Big Scoops at 2 Duke St. downtown is much cheaper than at Panini & Ice Cream. Plus they have both better portions and selection.

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