James Street North Holiday Gift Guide

James Street North Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, so I took a stroll down James St North to find some gift ideas for family and friends. From scented candles to cheeky notebooks, there is something for everyone in our James Street North gift guide. Remember, there is still another Art Crawl before Christmas, leaving just enough time to peruse the shops and find the perfect gifts! Take a look and get inspired: you know where to find these treasures. (Don’t forget to check out our Locke Street Gift Guide too!)

For the Festive Friend

Top: These Christmas tree ornaments are great for any foodie. Who doesn’t want a juicy burger hanging from their tree? Pretty Grit, $15 

Bottom: A Campy candle that smells like The Holidays? Whatever that is, (I imagine warm and fuzzy) I’ll take it! Pretty Grit, $16

Food Ornaments

Holiday Candle

Left: Tree Candle Holders $9.95, Middle: Star Candle Holder $4.50, Right: Birch Ornaments $4, All from Vintage Charm

For the Chocolate Lover

Chocolat Truffles

Chocolat Letters

Top: Who can say no to a chunk of solid chocolate? These letters add a personalized touch to any Christmas gift. Chocolat on James, $3 per letter

Bottom: A box of truffles make for a great stocking stuffer while the hanging box can attach to a bottle of vino for an extra indulgent touch. Chocolat on James, $5.95 for four pack

For the Sweetheart


Top: Pick up some delicious treats for the sweet tooth in the group. Choose from cinnamon sugar biscotti, peanut butter cake pops, and other treats. Hotti Biscotti, price based on order

For your honey, pick up a jar of the good stuff, made by McMaster University students and student Brandi MacDonald. The Hamilton Store.

For the Proud Hamiltonian

The Hamilton Store is the obvious go-to gift shop for anyone who loves their city.

Left: Hamilton Brick Candles $34.95, Middle: Steel City Crate Beer and Condiment Carrier $37.95, Right: pillow $72

For the Crafter

Vintage Charm

Above: Hand-knit bootie slippers, Vintage Charm $79

Below: Hats and mitts made by the Women’s Collective in Peru (with a portion of sales going back to them) Hand Knit Yarn Studio, gloves $35

Hand Knit Yarn Studio

For Her

La BichetteFor the glamour goddess, you’ll find some glitzy wares at Hawk and Sparrow, perfect for a New Year’s celebration or gift-to-self (those are important too!). Bag $65, belt $40, shirt $60, dress $100

Top: When it’s time to slip out of a dress into something more comfy, slip into this stylish lingerie from Canadian designer Mary Young. La Bichette, $48

Burlap and Twine

Above: Bath bombs make for the perfect stocking stuffer (for him, too!) and there is no shortage of scents! Burlap and Twine, $5 each or 5 for $20 

Below: These cool geometric necklaces are a statement piece any jewellery-lover would be happy to add to their collection White Elephant, $70-110

White Elephant

La Bichette

Above: Perk Naturals all natural body scrub is made by Hamilton’s Emily Stencel. La Bichette, $15 for small coffee scrub ($23 for large), $18 for large citrus

Below: Ontario-made Diane Rodger’s necklaces come in silver, rose gold, or tri-tone La Bichette $60-$85La Bichette

For Him

Left: My favourite of the three, notebook $23. Middle, stocking $68. Right: Spiffy patterned bow ties, $60. All from O’s Clothes

For Cards

Mixed Media
Your source for all things stationary: Mixed Media, of course. You can also get locally made greeting cards from Pretty Grit, La Bichette, and Centre 3.

We know we’re missing tons of great gift ideas from our James St North shops and other neighbourhoods in the city – these are just some of our favourites. If you have found any cool holiday gift ideas in Hamilton, please share them in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Quite a few businesses not mentioned.

    Faema, Jamesville Hardware, Millers shoes, Morgernsterns, Hammer Records, James North General Store. Just to name a few.

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