Chacha’s Pierogi: Lyndsay Boyd

Chacha’s Pierogi: Lyndsay Boyd

Over the last couple of years, Lyndsay Boyd has practiced and perfected the art of pierogi-making, a family tradition passed on by her mother and her “chachas” (meaning aunts). The recipe belonged to her great-grandmother who immigrated to Canada from Ukraine.

Lyndsay started her business Chacha’s Pierogi in mid-February, but her plan has been in the making for the past year and a half.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to replicate them and I finally thought they were ready to share,” she says.

A family affair, the name Chacha’s reflects the women who keep the tradition alive. Lyndsay learned how to make pierogis from her Chachas and now she herself is a Chacha. Pierogis have always had their place on the dinner table at family gatherings. Made from scratch with love, Lyndsay works out of the Kitchen Collective commercial kitchen in Hamilton.

Last week I met Lyndsay, her mother, and her niece at the Kitchen Collective with a group of foodie friends.

We watched them (and even helped!) roll the dough and cut out circles, fill them, and pinch the edges into their half-moon pierogi shape. Then we cooked them: place the pierogis into salted boiling water and then fry in butter until they are golden brown!

Pierogis are sold by the dozen and come in all sorts of savoury and sweet flavours (packages range from $12-$14). We got to sample the Potato & Cheddar Pierogi (mashed potato & aged cheddar cheese) and the Apple Pie-rogi (apples, ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar).

On the savoury side, Chacha’s Pierogi also makes Sweet Potato Pierogi (sweet potato, thyme & maple syrup), Poutine Pierogi (mashed potato, fresh cheese curds & beef gravy), Cottage Cheese Pierogi (dry cottage cheese, cream cheese), and Sauerkraut Pierogi (sauerkraut, onions & bacon).

On the sweet side, Lyndsay served our Apple Pie-rogi with ice cream and candied nuts. She also makes Choco-mallow Pierogi (chocolate & toasted marshmallow), Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Pierogi (sweet cream cheese, chocolate & cherries, and Blueberry Pierogi (wild blueberry compote). Next I’ll have to try the Poutine Pierogi and Choco-mallow Pierogi.

Here’s where you can place your order.

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