6 Fierce Women Workin’ It at Beyography

6 Fierce Women Workin’ It at Beyography

You may remember Beyography – the Beyonce dance class brought to Hamilton by Erika McMeekin from The Academy of All Things Awesome. Now, Erika is bringing Biebography to the city so we can groove to JT’s Sorry! (Unfortunately, the Biebs won’t be there in person to watch us dance. What’s even sadder is the first class on January 26 is already SOLD OUT.  BUT there are still available spaces to reserve here for February 2).

We’re throwing it back to the time we thought it would be fun to ask the lovely ladies some quick questions before Beyography – thanks to the good sports for posing for photos!

Photo Above: Erika and Beyonce-extraordinaire Nicky Nasrallah 

Meet Some Of Beyography’s Beautiful Ladies


Name: Jacqui Oakley

Twitter Handle: @jacquioakley

Hometown: Hamilton

Why are you here at Beyography? Fun dance moves. It’s nice being in a class with different women and having a laugh shaking it!







Name: Sue Skypas-FaucherPeopleofHamilton-Beyography2

Hometown: Hamilton

Why are you taking this class? I like Beyonce and I like dancing.

Why are you so awesome? Because I’m here with my daughter. I love hanging out with her.








Name: Jill LawryPeopleofHamilton-Beyography3

Hometown: Caledonia

Favourite Beyonce Song: Drunk in Love

How did you hear about Beyography? I saw it on the news and I love Beyonce.

Describe Beyonce in three words: Strong, confident, beautiful.







PeopleofHamilton-Beyography4Name: Eva Bugaric

Twitter Handle: @ebonaba

Hometown: Hamilton

Why are you here at Beyography? It’s my first time taking a dance class – ever. My friend Michelle had an extra ticket and it’s easy to convince me. I love dancing.

What’s so awesome about Hamilton? I love the people and all the pubs and bars. It’s not a pretentious city.





Name: Michelle GibsonPeopleofHamilton-Beyography5

Twitter Handle: @radsensei

Hometown: Hamilton

Why is Erika so awesome? She always has a ton of positive energy and is also super enthusiastic and follows through on her great ideas. I’ve known her for just a year. She worked with me at Centre 3 and teaches alternative education.






PeopleofHamilton-Beyography6Name: Kristin Archer

Twitter Handle: @kristin_archer

Hometown: Hamilton

Favourite Beyonce Song: Run the World

Who is the fiercest woman you know? My mom. She is such a positive person.

What do you like about Beyography? I think it’s fun to get outside of your comfort zone. I’ve taken dance classes when I was a kid but not this style. I think this is really empowering!

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