Graham Caldwell of Billy Moon hits Hamilton on tour

Graham Caldwell of Billy Moon hits Hamilton on tour

Lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the band Billy Moon, Graham Caldwell, went from his first EP, ShittyRocknRoll to his current 5 song EP, Young Adult. The garage rock band is comprised of Caldwell and Patrick Ryan on drums, and their album titles just might be an indication of their growth as a band.

“The music is still pretty shitty, but we got to do Young Adult in a studio so sound-wise it hits pretty hard. I’m still the same dumb kid I was when I did ShittyRocknRoll, maybe a little bit smarter, but they’re relatively the same age,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell’s approach to song writing is equally shitty: “Play a riff over and over and over again until you’re bored with it, then write another riff and make a song with it before you get bored with that one too.”

Young Adult was released in April 2014, recorded and mixed by Michael Keire at Threshold Studios in Hamilton, but nothing new has been released since. The band plans to start recording again in the fall after a series of love hurdles.

“I got in a bunch of different relationships since Young Adult and they all fell apart, so look forward to a bunch of vindictive love songs comin’ out from Billy Moon!” said Caldwell.

In the meantime, Billy Moon is performing songs from Young Adult mixed with new material on their Canadian tour, hitting Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal, and Eastern Canada.

Billy Moon Tour

Billy Moon formed during the summer before Caldwell started studying Communications, Theatre, and Film Studies at McMaster University in 2010, but Caldwell was also in a band during high school at Centre Wellington District High, or C-DUB as he calls it. He took piano lessons as a kid and later started recording on his laptop and seeing some of his favourite bands live.

“Diarrhea Planet are awesome. Pissed Jeans are one of my favourites too. One time I saw Single Mothers and I nearly got hit in the face with a tall can. See those bands.”

Catch Billy Moon at Baltimore House on June 18 with the Beauts and The Almighty Rhombus. You can expect loud, fuzzy garage rock, he said.

“As long as I’m playing it’s pretty good.”

And pretty good is better than shitty. We’re looking forward to it.

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