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Hamilton Street Style: Supercrawl 2015

Hamilton Street Style: Supercrawl 2015

Hamilton’s got style…here are some of the trendiest People of Hamilton spotted during Supercrawl 2015. While we may not always be conscious of it, our fashion choices are a means of expressing ourselves – and Supercrawl put a nice emphasis on the art of style. It’s not like we need a reason to dress up, but this urban festival drew together creative people who strut their stuff down James Street North, whether they knew it or not, from those who were dressed to impress and decidely fashionable to the people with modest, casual, and effortless style who were flattered to pose. But the real runway was at the Supercrawl Fashion Zone and Mohawk College Fashion Stage, which hosted impressive fashion shows on Saturday and Sunday by some of the city’s favourite designers and boutiques. Clothing vendors, jewellery makers, and even fashion consultation services were scattered along the street, reminding us that fashion is alive in the city. I enjoyed this segment of Street Style and got inspired by some of the festival’s best looks – not to mention experienced how friendly strangers can be when you pay them a compliment and just say hello (but I already knew that, it’s Hamilton after all). Just like other art forms such as visual arts, music, and performance, fashion was a big part of this year’s Supercrawl, attracting people sporting their coolest outfits. Enjoy!

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