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Have an interesting dating story to share? We’re dying to hear! (We know you’ve already gushed to your friends.) Funny, romantic, or just plain awful, send us an email. Include a little bit about yourself and the details of the encounter. We won’t publish real names, we promise!

Things you should include:

  • your age, occupation, neighbourhood
  • personality traits, hobbies, outlooks on love
  • how you two met
  • where you went on your date
  • describe your date’s appearance, hobbies, occupation, etc.
  • details of the date: first impression, conversation points, activities, goodbyes
  • verdict: was there a second date?

Point form is fine but please include lots of details so the diaries are as accurate as possible. We can always cut it down.


We want to bring you Hamilton’s dating diaries!

*We reserve the right to modify your story as we see fit. Real names will be changed. Please be tasteful.